The SHOOTERS program is modeled after MING co-founder El Sawyer’s real-life experience. Incarcerated at age 17, El was given the chance to learn film in prison. After his release, El was exposed to mentors in the creative industry. El credits these lucrative technical skills, as well as a positive support system, as the reasons he was able to avoid reincarceration.

Through a combination of technical instruction and positive social modeling, the goal of SHOOTERS is to increase employment opportunities.




Media in Neighborhoods Group, LLC (MING) is a film company that explores and brings awareness to the cultures, challenges and environments in underserved sections of society, and advocates for solutions. Co-founders El Sawyer and Jon Kaufman have been creating films since 2007. We continue to develop and produce video documentaries, audio and photo services, as well as professional mentorship and technical trainings for high-risk populations in diverse community settings.