Weeks 4+5

These past 2 weeks have been amazing! Week 4 we visited Expressway Cine Rentals for a tour and lighting demo. John Baumgartner walked us through different kinds of lights and setups. We got to see firsthand how diffusion, color temperature, backlighting, etc all work together. 

James Madison the owner explained how Expressway is a full service rental and production house, and they strive to make the rental process accessible to anyone and everyone, especially people early in their careers like us. 

After the demo and tour we got to see Max Tubman the drone master doing his thing, and learned about the different regulations of drones, and how quickly the industry and market is changing. Russell wants to buy a drone now to film his mural painting :)

We've been working hard on our concepts for our one-minute self portraits, and Week 4 we dove into production! We shot Lindsey and Rich's videos in one day each, and it was an intense process with all hands on deck. Rashid Zakat and Aidan Un joined us as guest teaching artists and it was so cool to work alongside them, we learned alot. 

Week 5 we shot Russell and Yon's videos, and started going a bit into editing, which we will continue with next week!